Brian studied at the former Canberra University College (now the Australian National University or ANU) and at Melbourne University.  Working as a Solicitor from 1962 Brian establishing his own practice in 1967, later named Worth & Co until semi retirement in 2008.

Practise as a Solicitor contains variety. Cases that spring to mind were:

  • Newspaper headlines following a judgment that no police had been validly appointed in the Australian Capital Territory
  • The first Hotel Licence in NSW granted solely on tourism needs by the Licences Reduction Board
  • The first unanimous decision by the Australian Broadcasting Board of a Radio licence after a 21 day hearing against six other applicants. This became radio station 2 CC.  Further licences were granted for 2 SSS FM and FM 106.3.


Brian having been a Notaries Clerk first in 1959, appointment as a Notary Public occurred in 1986.  Brian finds providing the service interesting although it can raise some challenges.

Brian’s Notarial Seal and signature are recorded with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Membership of the New South Wales Society of Notaries also has recording of the Seal and signature as well as the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the United States Embassy in Sydney.

The Seal is designed to be impressive and is personalised. Occasionally forms are not designed with sufficient space. A red wax wafer may be used to highlight the impressed seal; its use is not essential for formal validity; non use because of lack of space does not affect formal integrity.

One lengthy Certificate gave a successful outcome to the heir of deceased artist. The Russian authorities seized the artist’s extensive works in the 1940’s. The chain of evidence to reclaim the works and export to them to Australia required demonstration and proof of the father’s identity, his ownership by exhibitions of the works, the proof of identity of the child and the entitlement as heir.