Proof of identity is MANDATORY.  Bring the same range of documents as required to open a Bank Account, that is 100 points for proof of identity. An original government issued photographic identification must be produced.  A current and valid driver licence or passport is acceptable.

If in doubt phone or e-mail to check with us and avoid delays.


Fees for Notarial Acts:

Standard fees for attending on a person, being satisfied of identity, recording in the Register the identity details and the Notarial Act requested.
$165 incl. GST

For a second person attended on at the same time.
$ 88 incl. GST

For more than one document, either a fee for each item, or a time Base fee, whichever is the less.
$ 66 per six minutes incl. GST ($660 / hour incl. GST)

For a formal certificate.
$200 incl. GST

For a formal Company Certificate.
$412.50 incl. GST

Preparing and submitting application to DFAT for Apostille, obtaining Apostille and providing same to client or as directed. (DFAT fees and special postage or courier charges are in addition).
$175 incl. GST

If you are unable to provide two witnesses, this is the charge per witness.
Note that documents for countries requiring two witnesses plus the Notary include:
– India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
– United States of America (Louisiana and Florida)
$ 30 incl. GST

Attendance outside the Manuka office by arrangement:
– with a travel charge, and
– on a time basis.
$214.50 incl. GST (as the minimum charge)